My name is John Mavic.


I'm a passionate photographer and hiker creating pictures of mountains, landscapes, and animals. To do that I use classic cameras, drones, and sometimes just a mobile phone.​

On most adventures, I am accompanied by my little, faithful Pinscher, Celli.


I currently have almost 25'000 followers, and I'm constantly expanding my channel on a natural basis.

My incentive is to capture images and moments that remain hidden for most of us.

This includes close-ups of animals or the use of trail cameras, which sometimes do nothing for days but then take pictures of animals at the decisive moment.

I'm interested in testing your products and services and sharing my experience with my followers. With some companies, references on request, such partnerships already work excellently.

My pictures are usually, without promotions, seen by 4'000 - 10'000 users. 

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